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Roofing Cladding Sheets and Allied Accessories

Roofing Cladding Sheets and Allied Accessories

colour coated trapezoidal profile sheet of 1072 mm Supply Cover width and nominal 29 mm deep ribs with subtle square fluting in the five pans at nominal 205 mm centre-to-centre. The end rib shall be designed for anti-capillary action, to avoid any seepage of water through the lateral overlap. The feed material is manufactured out of nominal 0.45 mm BMT (0.50mm TCT excluding paint thickness) COLORBOND® XRW steel- High tensile with min 550 MPa yield strength, metallic hot-dipped coated with Al-Zn alloy (55% Aluminium, 43.5% Zinc, 1.5% Si ) as per AS1397 / IS15961 - ZINCALUME® AZ150 (min. 150 g/m2 total on both sides) with Super Durable Polyester COLORBOND® steel XRW quality paint system of approved color, suitable for exterior application conforming to AS/NZS 2728 type-4 / IS15965 class 3 of  Tata BlueScope Steel make. The sheet shall have a total coating thickness of 35 microns, super durable polyester COLORBOND® XRW quality paint system of 20 microns on exposed surface and 5 micron reverse polyester coat on back surface over 5 micron primer coat on both surfaces. The paint system should have stable resin & inorganic pigments for paint durability and Lead free for water harvesting. The steel sheet shall have brand marking of coated steel manufacturer (product details, date, mfg name, etc) on back side at regular interval confirming genuineness of the material. The steel sheet shall be fastened with nominal 40 μm zinc coated or nominal 25 μm zinc-tin alloy coated, Hex head, self-drilling screw as per AS 3566-2002 Class 3 fasteners with EPDM washer as per the requirement considering the profile shape and design load. The profile sheet, fastener size etc. shall be approved by the concern authority. All the accessories like flashing / capping shall be made from the same material ((or manufacturer’s recommendation) which is used for main cladding application. The measurement shall be based on finished/covered surface area.

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