About us

eSupplier.in is part of Techgate Solutions Pvt Ltd, at eSupplier we believe that technology can be put to use to optimize all aspect of business process, from understanding the market condition to altering change for good. e-supplier is free online tool allowing companies (buyers) to generate more quotes on RFQ with less effort, the tool helps boost vendor development process with less human effort & cost, you simply create an RFQ and post it on our web portal at the same time also inviting existing current suppliers to quote online. Thus creating a market place were suppliers would quote low price and agreeable business terms as the RFQ is open to public, once the quotes are received by various supplier you can choose the best competitive supplier and decide to place order using your company’s standard ordering processing system.

Our online tool creates transparency which most of the business owners want to achieve in their buying process, no matter buying cleaning supplies to specialized machine parts, esupplier allows you to eliminate chances of wrong doing between buyer and seller thus reduce cost of procurement and also get more new suppliers to quote with less effort.