eSourcing Software

eSourcing software offered by allows Buyers to enjoy benefits over traditional manual Sourcing process, the digital process is faster and allows supplier competition which leads to cost saving, all this is done on the cloud with no additional IT efforts. Our eSourcing tool has integrated features like Supplier Discovery, eRFQ, eRFI, eTender, eAuction and host of intelligent smart features which brings overall efficiency to the sourcing process.  At we believe that user adoption is the most important factor in making an eSourcing solution successful. This is why we have focused on making the process easy and intuitive.


Why focus on eSourcing is important for your Business
Do you want to cut cost & improve supplier relationship?

Business today have to remain competitive in the fast changing global landscape, eSourcing helps companies right from new supplier discovery to eAuctions and the progress is tracked and measured for internal transparency and audit statutory requirements.

  • Discovery New potential Suppliers from our database
  • Ready to use eRFQ & eRFI templates
  • Create eAuction for supplier competition
  • Measure estimated savings
  • Centralize eSourcing knowledge
  • Reduce sourcing cycle and discovery best market price
  • Manage multiple sourcing project with ease, multi-user capability
  • Generate PDF & Excel reports for internal and external Audit requirements