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Welcome to Online marketplace for RFQ (request for quote)

Our online tool creates transparency which most of the business owners want to achieve in their buying process, no matter buying cleaning supplies to specialized machine parts, esupplier allows you to eliminate chances of wrong doing between buyer and seller thus reduce cost of procurement and also get more new suppliers to quote with less effort.

Welcome to esupplier, we know the problems faced by current Indian procurement scenario, as a buyer you have goals to get the lowest price for the products or materials you want to buy, identifying a new supplier is also a great challenge and making the procurement process transparent is another, companies lose several thousands of cores rupee each year in uncontrolled buying process, no matter if you are a government or private company looking to improve and making your buying process transparent is the right tool for you. is free to use online tool, simply register and start creating your RFQ's (request for quote) online, once you create and post your RFQ , you have choice to send it to your existing suppliers and it also gets posted on our open dashboard where new suppliers looking for possibility to quote will discover your open RFQ, and if they decide they can quote.  This gives you an broader access to new suppliers and thus creating a more engaged market place were even existing suppliers would quote a fair price and terms as they now know it is open for other potential suppliers to quote.