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Welcome to Online marketplace for RFQ (request for quote)

Getting new business is every company or seller's dream, more business means growth.  It is very challenging to get new orders or business, as a seller you know marketing or sales is an time consuming and expensive effort,  even after doing this result are not guaranteed you might end up with no business on your marketing spending.

We at want to give you access to unlimited growth and opportunity via our online tool, you can search for opportunities to quote based on industry and city you want to conduct business.   After reviewing any RFQ you decide to quote it is very simple just register and login to quote to any RFQ which is in line with your business.

We encourage you to quote best pricing as this is an open RFQ (request for quote) several sellers would quote aggressively to get the business, we want you to be that one. As a register user you have the advantage of getting email alerts on any new RFQ generated by the buyer at thus we keep you informed on real time basis and helping your business to grow.

Registered Suppliers at will receive email and SMS alert on all new open RFQ from eSupplier team, if you wish you can quote online directly.

Suppliers who participate in the forward & reverse eAuction should note that the Buyers conduct eAuction and Suppliers who participate in the process should bid very carefully while bidding, the winner of Auction does not guarantee any supplier to receive order or deed. Finally it is at sole decision of the Buyers team.

If you have any questions or need to learn how to use the tool feel free to contact us by email or phone.