At we have customers who use our eSourcing software on their own, have their in house procurement team which runs all eSourcing events, at the same time often got request from companies who have short of people and time to manage their sourcing events efficiently, in such scenario we have offered that “saving-as-a-service” where we conduct all eSourcing events via our highly skilled team which have years of eSourcing experience in managing.

We sign confidential agreement with our customers who share their sourcing  project details & data, our team runs eSourcing events using software, which allows them to conducts eRFQ, eTender, eAuction events, in cases where our customer request for new supplier discovery our team searches in real time for new potential suppliers and checks their background based on the customer criteria required, if found good the data is shared to our customer and included in our sourcing events.

Projects we have executed are local and international right from eSourcing of Chemicals, Mechanical Items, Instrumentation, Fabrication, Machinery, Fuels, Packing boxes & Printing services, Transportation services, Promotional Gift items and much more…

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