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esupplier.in is an open market place helping buyers to find the best affordable Supplier, as an online platform we offer connecting solutions which is free and paid to Buyers & Suppliers. esupplier.in does not take any responsibility of the authenticity of any RFQ posted by the Buyer, at the same time we do not take any responsibility on the prices and transaction which occur between Buyer and Supplier at esupplier.in

esupplier.in has the right to reject any Buyer or Supplier registered at our portal, we want both the parties to use this portal responsible, as to Buyers we request them to post only legitimate RFQ if esupplier finds the RFQ not appropriate as per our guidelines we have the right to delete without informing you.

We only welcome genuine Buyer and Supplier on our website, we will conduct verification to check if the registrant is real, and our goal is to create a competitive market place for RFQ which will benefit Buyers and Suppliers.  We will not be responsible for any content text and image posted in the RFQ buy the Buyer and the pricing and terms posted by the Supplier, they would be responsible by law for any wrong doing.

esupplier allows supplier to create catalog at esupplier, it is sole responsibility of the Supplier to use appropriate images, videos and text in the catalog, we don’t take any responsibility for any content posted by Supplier, they have to care for all intellectual property of their trademarks, copyright and logo.

esupplier reserves the right to block paid users usage if the annual subscription fees is not paid, we will not be responsible for lost in data once the account is disabled.  

esupplier owns copyright for the tool we designed and will take legal steps if any company or individual misuses the same, this remains the property of Tech Publication which owns and runs esupplier.in  any dispute arising has to be settled in Baroda district court only.